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  • John N. Doggett is an award‑winning Senior Lecturer at the McCombs School of Business of The University of Texas at Austin (UT). John has been the keynote speaker at more than 70 trade association, university, government and private sector firm’s annual meetings.

    John is a serial entrepreneur, a former lawyer and an experienced consultant. John has extensive experience teaching in and working with clients in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America.



  • We have all seen ugly babies.  But we never tell parents that their babies are ugly because that's not nice.

    In business, however, if you don't have an "objective" set of ugly baby glasses, you will only see what you want to see.  And that is a recipie for diaster.

    But in the harsh world of global competition, one must wear "ugly baby glasses" so you can see the world as it really is.  Onlyl then can you make Ugly baby glasses tells us that America faces a debt crisis of unprecedented size and disciplined and well funded competition from China and India who will not go away. These are challenges that we cannot afford to ignore. 

    The good news is that this is the most exciting time to be an American.  John has a clear message about what American’s can do to increase innovation, spur growth and reduce our debt.


  • Unleashing the Energy in the Ocean

    The oceans contain more "pollution free" energy potential than any other source.  Yet today, very little of that energy has been captured. This is about to change.

    Many parts of the world a suffering from a lack of fresh water.  Desalinization could change that, but in the past, it was too energy intensive.  This, too, is about to change.

    John has been studying the energy potential of our oceans since the beginning of the century.  He believes that we are on the verge of a massive sea change in how we produce and think about energy.

  • Your speech and presentation at the Future of Florida Forum was outstanding. As a homeschooler with 8 children, I particularly enjoyed that one comment, although I suspect I was in a deep minority in doing so. Keep pounding away at the things that need to be said and heard, or we will go the way of Rome.

    Rod Thomson, Florida

  • John Doggett - this man was outstanding, WOW! John Doggett - you saved the best till last! Professor John Doggett was great and we all need to hear this!

    Minnesota Rural Electric Assn (MREA) Annual Meeting Speaker’s Evaluation

  • Thank you for being so tough on us (during my MBA program). It definitely had an impact on my life. The real world can be tougher, and the students need to be ready for that.

    C. Wilkins, Arkansas